Your security
is our business

Modern business practices throw a tough challenge when it comes to implementation. Vyunex overcomes such instances with applications that are not just robust but highly secure as well.


Safety is the key
to business growth

Enabling a secure software development life cycle is the need of the hour for today’s organizations. Secured applications pass through Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing easily besides meeting the compliance standards. By improving the quality of cybersecurity provided, the application security experts at Vyunex deal with scammers and hackers in a more effective manner. Besides protecting an application, it also highlights the importance of fixing vulnerabilities to ensure optimized security for any application throughout its lifecycle.

Web Application Security

Vyunex meets the global standards of compliance while providing advanced security to web applications when needed the most. Irrespective of the frameworks and technologies used for the development of an application, we ensure that malware, ransomware and other such malicious software are kept at bay.

Mobile Application Security

Security experts at Vyunex form a dedicated team for protecting mobile applications from unexpected attacks. We implement the latest features of artificial intelligence in order to maintain the integrity of all your apps. Our proactive approach to assess security, and scan vulnerability will keep the performance of mobile apps intact.