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Talent Acquisition
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HR teams can now

  • Acquire the most productive resources effortlessly
  • Manage workforce ably right from recruitment to appraisal
  • Implement next-gen policies for building tomorrow’s enterprise
Beyond HR (BeHR) is a visionary product from Vyunex enabling organizations achieve digital transformation by making optimum use of their HR resources. What’s best about BeHR is that it encompasses the traditional hiring activities by evolving in an enterprise-grade solution. At Vyunex, our professionals implement innovative concepts that will ensure organizations achieve maximum productivity with consistency.

BeHR Talent Acquisition

Organizations spend a bomb on hiring the right talent for their regular needs and future demands. However, they still get a raw deal because of the lack of proper planning and below par quality.

With BeHR’s Talent Acquisition feature, TA groups and HR teams can successfully overcome the issues by tracking the progress of candidates’ hiring status in a comprehensive manner. The dashboard provides a complete overview of the hiring process, the number of candidates hired along with their specialization like JAVA or Testing. With this, it is possible to:

Quicken the recruitment process
Achieve better results in less time
Make better utilization of available resources
Track the status of every candidate at granular level
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BeHR Payroll Management

Organizations face a lot of issues while managing the payrolls of their employees. Salary disbursal on time based on accurate calculations such as deductions, increments, and more has to be handled with utmost perfection.

BeHR Payroll Management is the ideal solution for employers who need to cater to the demands of a large size of staff. Our tool features all the aspects related to payrolls leaving behind no issues or delays. A successful record of past and present employees could be maintained with BeHR resulting in no confusions. Our benefits include:

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Accurate management of any number of payrolls
Customizing the payroll mechanism based on projects
Tax calculations made based on each employee’s pay scale
Detailed analytics to determine the progress and performance

BeHR Manpower Provisioning

Are you sure the employee you are going to hire is the right match? How to hire the best talent at the right time to manage your projects successfully? Should you go with a temporary hire or zero in for a permanent recruit.

These are some of the common issues that Vyunex’s BeHR Manpower Provisioning is capable of addressing. Our product is highly sophisticated in letting HR professionals decide whether they hire Permanent / Temporary staff based on the job description. There are analytics available as well allowing TA groups to determine:

Total count of Permanent / Temporary / Contract staff hired
No. of Certifications completed, pending or not completed by a resource
Availability of resources for projects to ensure granular utilization is achieved
High successful tool with effective results produced leading towards optimum success
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BeHR Performance Evaluation

Performance is the most important yardstick to estimate the progress of an organization or an individual. BeHR offers different ways of evaluation at different stages to allow decision makers that they are headed towards the right path.

Vyunex’s BeHR Performance Evaluation tool is a combination of advanced technological features and proven logical implications. With this, any employer or manager will be able to track the advancements made related to a specific project. The results achieved thus are helpful in making future processes better.

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Our Benefits :
Evaluating Employee’s Performance with Precision

Determining whether the employee hired is working satisfactorily is always important. BeHR will help you track the activities performed by your employees for a specified period of time successfully.

Improving Current Processes for Future Requirements

Organizations need to prepare for the future based on the current performances. Hence, it is necessary that the employee’s performance be tracked at regular intervals to facilitate proper coordination with the rest of the team/s.

Do More with BeHR


Reward your employees rightly to motivate them is crucial.

BeHR Appraisal Management System takes all the factors and details into consideration before providing the results for ready implementation.


Experience the agility in your teams for extensive growth.

With BeHR, you can do a lot more such as improving the current processes resulting in optimum business productivity.

Beyond HR (BeHR) looks beyond everything besides HR. If you cannot find the feature you are looking for, there is nothing to worry about. Approach our product development team for a quick call to customize our product to match your latest business needs.