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At Vyunex, we offer a life cycle of solutions that your business requires in every way and at every juncture. Our solutions and products help you reach your business targets in time and ensure you serve your clients better. We reflect the latest IT advancements in vogue leading to Digital Transformation through Blockchain, IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and more.


Vyunex brings unique skills to the fore that add value to your business. With our blossoming global presence,we help organizations not only experience digital transformation but also realize enhanced productivity. Our strength lies in our offerings based on a life cycle of solutions right from Implementation to Support. During the process, we tend to reflect upon various platforms like Application, Database, Cloud, Data, and more. We serve businesses actively related to multiple segments such as Healthcare, IT, Technology, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, and Public Sector to name a few.

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We are a global visionary specializing in Development, Cloud & Data and are industry leaders in the entire life cycle management of in-demand technologies

Our Products

Vyunex Cloud

Migrate your applications to the cloud. Automate cloud solutions for your business needs. Secure your application, data, network and infrastructure. Vyunex Cloud captures your imagination in every way by looking after your organizational needs at every level.

Beyond HR

Beyond HR (BeHR) is a visionary product from Vyunex enabling organizations achieve digital transformation by making optimum use of their HR resources.What’s best about BeHR is that it encompasses the traditional hiring activities by evolving in an enterprise-grade solution.


We provide all kinds of services in the
form of Information & Technologies.

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